Meet Delia...

She’s a smart-witted fashionista from San Francisco. She seems to have it all—brains, beauty, and talent.  There’s just one thing that sometimes holds her back: She stutters.
Learn how Delia faces her challenges head on, and keeps her dreams alive. With the love and support of some special people, she discovers how to turn her struggle into her superpower!

A Book with a mission!

The premise for creating Delia’s story is to educate both children and adults on the continuing obstacles a stutterer encounters. More importantly, authors Ann Marie King and Ava Murphy hope that Delia’s story encourages people to appreciate the struggles others have, and to respond in more loving and helpful ways.

Ann Marie and Ava believe that Delia will serve as a fashionable and fabulous role model for stutterers and anyone else with a disability. For when you believe in yourself, and know you are loved—anything is possible.

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