Giving Thanks for My Stutter

Thanksgiving. A dinner shared with family and friends in the US every third Thursday in November. Often regarded as the “filler” holiday between Halloween and Christmas, many people forget the true importance of this day. The message and sentiment of giving thanks can get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season. So, let me remind you, this day is for giving THANKS! It is simple, really! Of course, “thanks” is in the name but, when was the last time you truly looked around and counted your blessings?

I know in my life; I sometimes discount my blessings. I get caught up in everything “bad” going on around me and continue to dwell on those hard times. Once I am in this mentality it is hard to pull myself out of it and I lose sight of the good. This is dangerous because when you lack perspective, your fears and struggles take over your mind. It is easy to forget to take stock of the good in the middle of the bad. But once you search for the light in the darkness and learn to be grateful for it, you are reminded to be THANKFUL.

This is particularly true when you stutter. As I have discussed in previous blogs, acceptance of my stutter has never been easy, nor has it ever been simple. It is a long road of practicing self-love and confidence, along with working on your inner self. A stutter affords the stutterer a unique perspective and outlook on life. I know my stutter has made me grow into the young woman I am today. I walk through life and observe the world around me with a completely different outlook… a view of the world I would otherwise not have had without the “hardship” of my stutter. 

Life is always going to be unexpected and a little bit harder when you have a stutter. But I know I have been afforded with the tools to combat whatever is thrown my way because of it. My stutter is my oldest friend and has grown with me through hard times and good times. So, this Thanksgiving, I am pulling up and chair and setting a place for my stutter. I am welcoming her into my world of blessings this year and plan to do so every year. Will you join me?

Delia is back!

This time the smart-witted fashionista from San Francisco has created an activity book. Doodling  with Delia is filled with games, puzzles, and fun designs to color.

As a stutterer Delia knows a calm mind increases fluency. She’s learned that doodling and coloring have a soothing effect on our emotions. It’s time to relax and enjoy—so grab your favorite colored pencils and let’s get started doodling with Delia!