Stress and Stuttering

Stress is common for people of all ages. We all have deadlines, commitments, and chores that need to get done. Life can be busy and often all those tasks begin to pile up leading to more stress. No matter who you are, stress is something that can hinder you and stutterers know this emotion all too well.

When stutterers go through stress it can lead to their stutter becoming more prevalent. When a stutterer feels overwhelmed, their speech suffers, and they cannot quite seem to get their words out. This leads to feelings of discomfort and embarrassment. To a stutterer, it can seem like an endless cycle of uncomfortable interactions and frustration with yourself and others.

The best thing for a stutterer to do in these situations is to SLOW DOWN. Not only should you slow down your speech but also your pace in life. Take each day one at a time, don’t bite off more than you can chew, and always prioritize your mental health. During these periods of stress, do things you love and spend time with caring friends and family. The best medicine is doing activities you enjoy with the ones you love.

Throughout my stuttering journey, my favorite activities to calm myself when I was feeling overwhelmed always had to do with art and tapping into my creative side. Specifically, I loved to draw and color. Why am I telling you this? I want you to focus on the hobbies and activities that spark joy. If you love doing it, chances are it has a calming influence on you. And you know what happens when you give yourself time to calm down……your outlook improves.  This is why we have created, and are soon releasing, a calming coloring book called, Doodling with Delia. We hope the activities in the coloring book will help you through stressful times and give you the opportunity to slow down. We can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

Delia is back!

This time the smart-witted fashionista from San Francisco has created an activity book. Doodling  with Delia is filled with games, puzzles, and fun designs to color.

As a stutterer Delia knows a calm mind increases fluency. She’s learned that doodling and coloring have a soothing effect on our emotions. It’s time to relax and enjoy—so grab your favorite colored pencils and let’s get started doodling with Delia!