Time to Reflect

Let’s face it, the holiday season can be hard. As much as we look forward to celebrations of the season, the heavy calendar leaves us overwhelmed and exhausted. Every year I promise myself I will start the shopping early and book the Nutcracker tickets on the perfect night, but I get behind and scramble to the finish. In the end, I am completely spent and not as present as I should be for my family.

2023 has been a challenging year for many people. Over the past several months, I have heard the same story from everyone. The year has been tough, we are exhausted, and I need a break. It is beyond the busy badge of honor that we have all worn. This level of burn out and exhaustion in the community is real and it needs to change. I think this is a new kind of pandemic as it is spreading quickly with no relief in sight. This is OUR fault. We try to do too much, perfection is unattainable, and our calendars cannot take another commitment. More importantly, what are we teaching our children? They look to us as role models and tend to repeat our behaviors. This is not a lifestyle to pass down to our future generations.

Instead of staying on the treadmill to nowhere, I have decided to close my computer this week and focus on what really matters.  I want to enjoy the holiday season with my family and friends and focus on how I can be better in the new year. I want to spend the time laughing and having fun. I also plan to really look at my patterns and routines and decide what I need to leave in 2023 and not bring forward to a new year.

Work, school, volunteer opportunities and commitments will all be there in a short amount of time and our routines will start again. We need to make those habits and routines positive ones that help us navigate our day and be better because of them.

Who wants to join me in “ringing” out the old and “bringing” in the new?

Delia is back!

This time the smart-witted fashionista from San Francisco has created an activity book. Doodling  with Delia is filled with games, puzzles, and fun designs to color.

As a stutterer Delia knows a calm mind increases fluency. She’s learned that doodling and coloring have a soothing effect on our emotions. It’s time to relax and enjoy—so grab your favorite colored pencils and let’s get started doodling with Delia!