What are you prioritizing in 2024?

As 2024 kicks off many of us are left wondering, who am I going to be in the new year? What version of myself do I choose to put forward for all to see?

Why is there so much pressure to become a new version of ourselves and alter who we are already? I think it starts at a very basic level.  What do YOU want to prioritize to help you work toward being your best self? It is not about who you think you should become nor is it about who others decide you should become in the dawn of a new year. Rather, it should be about breaking old habits that no longer serve you, creating new habits, challenging yourself, but more importantly learning to be comfortable with what makes you “YOU”. This exercise is essential before you look at who you want to become.

For me, the new year has always felt daunting. I seem to constantly find myself consumed with everything I had promised myself I would do and be. Usually, I end up overwhelmed and tired of the ideas I came up with, laughing at how ambitious I had tried to be. More importantly I have felt overwhelmed by the idea of “change”. This usually led me to give up on all I had promised. But this year, I told myself I would prioritize the things I love to do that over time would lead to positive changes in my life.

In 2024, I am committed to going easy on myself and giving myself some grace. I have found I can often be very hard on myself and nitpick my every action. I have decided I need to extend the same love and forgiveness I give to others to myself. What a revelation?  Life can be so hard as it is and the most important relationship we have is with ourselves. My priorities in 2024 include getting a lot of sleep, eating well, practicing positive affirmations, and generally giving myself a break. I hope to take walks in nature, journal regularly, and spend time with my family and friends. 2024 can be a new beginning for all of us so…. what are you prioritizing in 2024?

Delia is back!

This time the smart-witted fashionista from San Francisco has created an activity book. Doodling  with Delia is filled with games, puzzles, and fun designs to color.

As a stutterer Delia knows a calm mind increases fluency. She’s learned that doodling and coloring have a soothing effect on our emotions. It’s time to relax and enjoy—so grab your favorite colored pencils and let’s get started doodling with Delia!